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No Need To Worry About Replacement Parts – Air Purifier Accessories Are Readily Available

Have you purchased a home air purifier? What is an air purifier? It is a device which, with the aggravated pollution condition, becomes a necessity in every home. It is helpful in prevention of allergy and asthma. The air purifier reduces the contaminants in the air such as dust mites, spores, molds and other chemical pollutants. But this device, like any other equipment, would falter in functioning and would need air purifier accessories to restore to good running condition. What are devices for if they do not function well? So – for the valuable purifier in your home, always be ready with replacement parts, always have on hand air purifier accessories.

Air purifiers should always be functional, especially during damp weather when molds and mildews tend to develop. Remember, these are allergens that can cause asthmatic bouts. Mal functioning of the air purifier can easily be remedied as there are air purifier accessories that are readily available – either on-line or in shops. When there seems to be a problem in the operation of your air purifier, immediately have it serviced in order for the damaged part be checked.

The most common air purifier accessory that is needed is the replacement filter. Then there are pre-filter, odor absorber, scent cartridge, UV lights and filter cleaner.

Replacement filters

Replacement filters maintain the functionality of the air purifier. It will make it work to maximum capacity coupled with ideal performance. Some types of the filters are the carbon filters. These are good at maximizing the life span of your purifier.  When carbon is activated it works against poisonous gases. The carbon absorbs odors and hazardous chemicals by trapping them in the filter’s pores. Replacement is recommended every 2 to 3 years.

Replacement pre-filter

This accessory also helps in keeping the air purifier working at maximum capacity. The large particles are trapped before reaching the HEPA filter. Thus the HEPA filter is spared from clogging. Recommended replacement interval is every 3 months.

Replacement UV filter bulb

The air purifier using this is beneficial to those living in mold-prone environment. The UV light neutralizes the growth and reproduction of spores. It helps sterilize and kills viruses and airborne pathogens.

Odour absorber

The odour absorber changes the ozone in the room into useful oxygen. It reduces the organic compounds, chemical cleaners and synthetic materials. Most of all, the household odor is neutralized.

Spray filter cleaner

This accessory cleans the air filter cell plates, liquefies dust, oil, dirt and tobacco-caused stains. It emits fragrance – scent depending upon your choice.

Scent cartridges

You can use cartridges in your air purifier which will emit the desired scent. There are wide variety of scents to choose from – lemon, jasmine etc.

Air purifier accessories are always available. So – there is no worry about proper maintenance of the air purifier. Every household needs this device as protection against health hazards. It would make you bid good-bye to asthma and allergy.