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Is A Filterless Air Purifier Right For You?

What is an air purifier? And – why should there be a need for this device? The air we breathe is no longer fresh; it is full of airborne virus, bacteria, pollutants, harmful chemicals and allergens. An air purifier is the device that can bring back fresh air. There are different kinds of air purifiers. One is an air purifier that has filters and another – a more modern model is the filterless air purifier. What is the advantage of one over the other. And is a filterless air purifier a better choice?

Air purifiers are also called air cleaners. They gained such name because they free the air from various pollutants and dirty airborne particles that serve as health hazard. They are mostly used inside a building- whether home or office. However, with modern technology there are those that have become travel companions of those who want  clean air everywhere. And with regards to the kinds of air purifiers, innovations have introduced to the world market the filterless air purifier.

Benefits from filterless air purifiers

One benefit derived from a filterless type is time saving. You will not need to be replacing or cleaning the filter. The filterless also works more quietly.

Drawbacks of the filterless air purifier

The filterless unit is more expensive. Although in the long run, this can also be cost saving, if you consider the expenses on frequent filter replacement. Reviews on the filterless disclosed that it has lower efficiency performance compared to the one with filter. Furthermore, some ionic air purifiers cause ion deposits on the walls and furniture.

Filterless air purifiers are divided into five types, based on the technology used.

1.    Ionic air purifiers

This air purifier uses the corona discharge technique, a method similar to that which is used to generate static electricity. As ionic, it discharges negative ions which mingle with the dust. The effect on the dust is to get attracted, turn also into negatively charged. Negative particles will be attracted to the positive plate of the purifier. Thus the dust, pollutant or whatever airborne particles are trapped.

2.    Electrostatic filterless air purifier

The technology in this type is for the particles to be drawn into the purifier by means of a fan. The particles are then charged with high voltage wires which are then attracted to the electrostatic metal plate.

3.    Photocatalytic filterless air purifier

There is no fan in this type and they resemble a coated florescent bulb. The technology in this type is use of ultra violet rays to make semi conductors produce oxidants. Also called UV filters, the oxidants break the micro-organisms in the air.

4.    Ozone Generator filterless air purifier

This has ionizers that emit both positive and negative ozone ions. The oxidizing ozone product destroys the particles and kills the micro-organisms through natural chemical process.

5.    Plasmacluster Ion filterless air purifier

This uses the plasma discharge technology. Emission of plasma will break water components into hydrogen and oxygen ions which are later drawn by the particles. The hydrogen ion, oxygen ion and pollutants form hydroxyl radicals  will ultimately destroy the particles.

Any prospective buyer of the filterless air purifier can have a choice of air cleaners, based on the 5 given common technologies. It would be better for the user to research on the pros and cons of each, including reviews on air purifier with filter.