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Flair Air Purifier

Flair Air Purifier – The Solution To Eliminate Allergens And Harmful Toxins In The Air

Our world is filled with polluted air and the people had no choice but inhale the harmful toxins surrounding the environment. But with one device, all these toxins can be eliminated – the Flair air purifier is considered one best solution to this nagging problem. But not everybody is aware of the great utility of air purifiers in fighting environmental health risks. Cigarette smoke has also been identified as health hazard and the Flair air purifier can be the answer to a clear air that individuals will be able to breathe.

Inside our very homes, the air is similarly polluted. No person is spared from the toxins, bacteria, allergens such as molds, mildews and dust mites. Thanks to technology people who found remedy to the aggravating situation. My home and your house can be free of these harmful elements if we inhale clean air through man’s intelligent discovery of air purifiers.

The Flair air purifier has been designed to cleanse the impurities that abound in our surrounding. To be able to be convinced of the efficacy of this device, peruse on the features of this kind and model of air purifier.

Flair air purifier – features

  1. The Flair air purifier combines ion and ozone generation technology in order to eliminate odors and tobacco impurities in the air. It successfully eliminates odor and allergens in the air.
  2. It has sanitizing feature that helps eliminate bacteria, mildew and molds that settle in the air in your home.
  3. It covers a big area to purify. A total area of 2,200 square feet can be cleansed by the Flair air purifier.
  4. It has a 400 CFM fan that aids in circulation of the air. This fan is instrumental in the decision to help in air circulation.
  5. The ion and ozone technology enable the Flair air purifier to function without chemical additives. Since this device is equipped with ozone technology, there is no need for any chemical assistance in establishing air circulation.
  6. It is easy to clean and maintain – just vacuum the lint screen. Other parts can be cleaned with damp cloth or alcohol soaked Q-tip. Cleaning of the purification plate can be done by simply soaking it in ammonia. As for maintenance, the involved procedure is cleaning the parts and replacing the fuse. It is recommended that the unit be cleaned once every nine months if the environment where it is used is relatively clean. If the surrounding is dirty, cleaning should be done every two weeks.

Flair air purifiers can also be affected by negative factors such as mal-function but fixing minor details can be done by any person. There are some who complained that the unit is not effective but the device easily reverts to its old functionality with just clean-up of the parts.

For people who inevitably inhale the congested air filled with tobacco smoke and presence of molds and mildew, the Flair air purifier cleans the air. This will lead to less bouts of asthma because of the non-polluted air. The quality of air when a device like the Flair air purifier is opted is clean and allergen-free.