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Show Off Your Protective Accessory – Hang Wearable Air Purifier

Are you asthmatic? Do you detest cigarette smoke? The air purifier is your device! It is true that today, the air is so polluted. Not only outside, but even inside the house, allergens float in the air. The emergence of mildews, molds and dust mites are hard to control and air purifiers are the only solutions. People can bring in clean air from the confines of the home – through the use of a wearable air purifier.  People can be protected even when outside – the wearable air purifier can be worn wherever you go.

Jogging around and strolling in the park – you can always have protective gear against harmful toxins in the air. The wearable air purifier can be an added accessory to your attire. Most of the wearable air purifiers are used by hanging on the neck. So they resemble big pendants.

A good portable and wearable air purifier is ionized. Here are three models available for individual use.

1. Mini-mate wearable air purifier

As personal air purifier this one is top of the line. Lightweight at 1.5 ounces, this purifier clears your breathing space of allergens and pollutants. It has a very high negative ion output that is responsible for the clean air. It is equipped with solid platinum emitter and electroplated gold grid. Powered by a CR 123A lithium battery that lasts for 50 hours, the package includes a breakaway strap.

2. Air-Tamer travel ionic air purifier

This is a guaranteed protection against harmful airborne toxins. Classified ultra light at 1.6 ounces, together with battery, this wearable air purifier has a dimension of 2.9” length x 1.3” width and 0.9” depth. It produces an effective and optimum amount of negative ions. It operates silently and has a blue flashing ion flow indicator light. It has a fabric cord that conducts negative ions flow to the wearer. This de-luxe compact model comes with a carrying case with molded plastic liner. This can be worn with a pocket clip or hanged on the neck through a cord. Worn around the neck, this purifier eliminates toxins, allergens and pollutants in the air. The battery is CR2032 3 volt coin cell with life of 60 days if used 8 hours a day for 7 days.

3. Personal ionic air purifier/humidifier HF 85

Safeguarding you from the harmful pollutants in the environment is this stylist lightweight wearable air purifier. When worn around the neck, this produces clean air to the mouth and nose. It is very portable and weighs only 110 grams. This is a purifier equipped with a built-in humidifier that emits moisture when water is added through the hole. Water is added through a miniature dropper which is also included in the package. Using plasma breeze technology, it delivers ionized air to the mouth and nose. This personal purifier is operated by four triple A (AAA) batteries or an AC adapter.

For people on the go who want to breathe clean unpolluted air when outside the house, the wearable air purifier is an accessory to be worn. The mini-mate is the most expensive with a price tag of $169.95. The Air-Tamer and the Personal HF85 are priced at $ 99.95 and $ 35, respectively.